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TRUKING lyophilized product overall solution walked in South Korea Medytox

release time:2015-11-02

In the beginning of 2015, TRUKING had a good start with South Korea United pharmaceutical ltd with lyophilized products overall solution. Six months later, good news comes again from overseas. After a period of three months of rapid and efficient visit, communication and market competition, TRUKING successfully signed contract with Medytox for lyophilized product overall solution and water system. Medytox in South Korea is a bio-pharmaceutical company based on research. Its main products are Botox and HA filter. At present, the Botox brand of Medytox owns the largest market share in South Korea. Medytox is the fourth company all over the world to have successfully developed and manufactured Botox, it has unique research and development capability. After the Botox manufactured by Medytox went to market in 2006, it has surpassed U.S. Allergan and become the brand with the biggest market share in a few years time. And it has been approved in 27 countries worldwide. Its outstanding research capability, advanced equipments and production facilities makes Medytox become a worldwide bio-pharmaceutical company. 


With the thriving market of Botox products, Medytox production capability cannot fully meet the market requirement, then the third phase factory construction plan came to schedule. In the beginning of the project, the higher management of Medytox planned to choose European suppliers only. Later, they knew TRUKING by chance with the visit of TRUKING team, and they also re-understand Made in China. Even the first visit and technical communication got recognition from Medytox team, the process of project were still twist and turns. 


Confronting the difficulties and high requirement on technical, verification and after-sales service raised by customer, TRUKING specially organized a meeting internally to discuss the feasible proposal and responded customer positively. After understanding of customer requirement and their worries, TRUKING team went to South Korea three times for technical discussion, in order to give the best proposal in a direct and fast way. During those days, Medytox team felt the professional and persistence spirit of TRUKING team, and were deeply inspired. After fully contact and recognition of TRUKING, Medytox higher management decided to send decision-making team to TRUKING to do a final evaluation visit. This visit made Medytox decision-making team enhanced their confidence on made in China and made in TRUKING. With the efforts of both TRUKNIG and Medytox team and collision of ideas for three months, this binational “marriage” finally succeeded.


Since TRUKING successfully promoted lyophilized product overall solution, it gets widespread concern from China and abroad. In China, it gets the recognition and trust from Penglai Nuokang Biopharma, Zhuhai Tongyi pharmaceutical, Hainan Helpson Medicine & Biotechnique, Wuhan Aimin Pharmaceutical, Baiyunshan Baidi Biotech etc.. At the same time, with the brand awareness of TRUKING improving international , many customers from South Korea, Belarus, Turkey etc. signed overall solution for lyophilized products with TRUKING, which means the start of strong-strong cooperation.   In the front of opportunity and challenge, TRUKING has already stood ahead in the industry in the aspect of pharmaceutical equipments integration and one-step service, and become a “shining star” in the new generation pharmaceutical integration system. The cooperation with South Korea Medytox for the lyophilized product overall solution means the fully recognition from International high-end customer. It also means, with the continuous improvement and perfection of TRUKING, it is marching forward to bigger and wider international stage. With TRUKING persistence spirit, it is on the way to the goal of becoming new leader of pharmaceutical equipments worldwide.