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First Anti-Cancer Lyophilization Project in Belarus

release time:2015-11-30

Recently, there are good news about TRUKING lyophilizer and related products in abroad market, TRUKING has signed contract with Belarus customer NATIVITA for a turnkey project in their new anti-cancer workshop. The equipments included in the turnkey projects are solution preparation system, sterile filling line with isolator, lyophilizer, auto loading & unloading system with isolator, sterilizer, inspection machine and after-packing equipments. This is a bigger success we made again in Belarus market after the contract with the second and third biggest pharmaceutical company for semi-automatic inspection machine and infusion filling compact line in the first half of 2015.


NATIVITA is mainly producing anti-cancer products. Considering that the high potent products’ requirement for process and equipments are high automation, high stability and high leakproofness, NATIVITA was planning to buy European equipments and never considered China equipments before. However, in the Germany ACHEMA exhibition in June this year, the boss of NATIVITA Mr. Alekcei came with many technical engineers to see European equipments and TRUKING equipments. After their repeatedly comparison, TRUKING equipments in exhibition impressed Mr. Alekcei very much, which makes Mr. Alkcei decide to come to China and evaluate TRUKING more in details.


After the exhibition, the team from NATIVITA came to TRUKING immediately and spent 4 days to evaluate TRUKING in a comprehensive way. During the whole visit, Mr. Alekcei and the team were extremely carefully about every part, especially their technical consultant, he discussed every technical details with our engineer. Their team visited parts processing work shop and assembling workshop, they were very satisfied with the processing and quality control in TRUKING. Mr. Alekcei said : “there are a lot of changes in China and it is totally different now comparing to ten years before. TRUKING equipments technology almost reached the same level of Europe.”  During four days visit, the team from NATIVITA had a comprehensive knowledge and impression about TRUKING, and they had done technical communication for equipments in details. In order to better introduce TRUKING to their employees, Mr. Alekcei took many photos for reference.


Before their leaving, at the strong request of customer, TRUKING signed a letter of intent with NATIVITA, and the formal contract was signed within 15 days after their visit. This cooperation again shows the capability and experience of TRUKING on lyophilized anti-cancer products, and also filled more gap of TRUKING in Belarus.