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150million Euros acquisition of Germany based ROMACO group makes TRUKING Technology rank one of the leader in Global Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry.

release time:2017-05-08

On 28th April 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, the contract was signed between Truking Technology from China and Romaco group from Germany. The acquisition amount is 150million Euros, which is the biggest acquisition case in global pharmaceutical equipment industry.

Romaco is the leader in global pharmaceutical equipment industry, especially known for its principle invention of powder granulation technology, vacuum powder filling technology and tablet compression technology; which are recognized as No.1 in the world. Romaco group is also renowned for their world’s top pharmaceutical packaging machines and automation proposal. Above all, they can provide very strong product and service in solid dosage industry.

Romaco can provide a series of first class product and solutions: liquid/powder/capsule filling solution, tablet, capsule counting solution, blister packing solution, strip type packing solution, medicine squeezing solution, secondary/final packing solution, medicine& cosmetic filling solution, granules &coating system etc. 

Truking Technology on other hand has many years of experience in research, production and marketing of pharmaceutical sterile Injectable equipments, and has  plentifulhuman resources, sophisticated after-sales service system, which will provide broader platform and plenty of technical support to Romaco for further innovation and development. 

At the same time, Romaco, as the global leading supplier for solid dosage pharmaceutical equipments, has absolutely necessary technology advantage and supply chain advantage to assist boosting the relationship of Truking and Europe high end suppliers, and further to help Truking maintain stable and continuous cooperation with more high end suppliers. The cooperation of Truking and Romaco will have complementary advantages on products, technology and etc., both of them have enormous synergistic effect.

The chairman Mr. Tang Yue has announced to the media that this acquisition will make Truking rank as one of the leader in pharmaceutical equipment industry with the global biggest production capacity, the global biggest plant scale and at the same time, best in powder granulation technology, vacuum powder filling technology and tabletting technology.