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Truking owns Uzbekistan's Blue!

release time:2014-12-31

In international meeting room II, which is full of European style decoration, the product director of Novopharma Plus,Mr.Oleg Dombrovskiy;and the president of Ampoule production factory, Mr.Bekzod Zairov accepted the writer’s interview on Feb 24th 2014 during the visit to TRUKING.


TRUKING: Which year did you start corporation with TRUKING? Can I ask which product do you purchased from Truking this time? And why you choose to continue with us ?


Mr.Oleg Dombrovskiy: It was in 2012, I purchased an Ampoule compact line via your agent, and I knew about Truking since then. We purchased Ampoule washing machine this time. I summarized it as 3 reasons: First, Truking’s product have high performance-price ratio. Second, I have been familiar with Truking and its products personally. Finally, we think it is not efficient that purchasing Truking’s productions via the agent; for instance, they do not provide any after-sale services, and also the price is not that affordable… So we think it is much more worth to purchase direct from your company!


TRUKING: What do you think Truking impressed you during the second-time corporation?


Mr.Oleg Dombrovskiy: I think the most impressive thing is your quality of services: accurate, comprehensive, careful, and dedicate, almost 100% satisfaction!


Mr. Bekzod Zairov: I find that Truking adopts lots of imported components during producing procedure during this visit, and this is much better than some of Indian pharmaceutical factories. In addition, Truking’s FAT system is well-equipped, and it will save so much time and cost for us.


TRUKING: Do you have any suggestions for our following corporation?


Mr. Oleg Dombrovskiy: I hope you company could have more new products information and company ’ s news released in the future; furthermore, Uzbekistan will hold some relevant conferences and exhibitions each April, I hope you can attend ! Uzbekistan’s flag has more than one colors, thereinto blue belongs to Tujue, it is also representing Tēmōr flag, which symbolizes the sky, and water. I noticed that the blue is also a part of Truking’s logo, which integrates with Uzbekistan’s blue. I consider it as a great symbol that we can have more corporations for our common interest! The corporation can last forever!