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We start Truking's new chapter for Freeze-Dryer

release time:2014-12-31

   Mr.Aryan Goyal, the CEO of Nectar Lifesciences, India; and its COO, Mr.HP Singh, have arrived and visited Truking Technology Limited industrial park on 24th, February, for further investigating of their ordered Freeze-Dryer. Also Mr.Singh has accepted the author's interview in Truking’s international meeting room I.


TRUKING: You are such a famous pharmaceutical enterprise in North India, may I know from when you get to know TRUKING


Mr.Singh: We knew each other about 3 years ago. TRUKING had a technical seminar in India, from there I get to know TRUKING.


TRUKING: That is a destiny! And may I ask what’s your purposes for this visit to China?


Mr.Singh: Well, because we are sure to purchase 2 sets of 45㎡ Freeze-Dryers of Truking, which would be used for API production. So this visit to Truking is mainly for evaluating technical strength, manufacturing standards, quality assurance system, and enterprise management of Truking Technology Limited, especially your project management content about our ordered equipments.


TRUKING: How is your impression about TRUKING?


Mr.Singh: First, I know Truking is a Technology-Leading enterprise, and I believe every company’s core competency is its ability of service. I think the Freeze-Dryer of Truking is almost matching with similar products from Europe, no matter on its design, performance, or its configuration, however, C/P ratio of Truking is even much better than the European productions! In addition, TRUKING is an enterprise with passion and honest, every staff here is very passionate, and faithful; they provide tons of useful Information for us, which really moved us. Second, Truking’s staff have a high level of professional qualification, they are diligent, dedicated, and modest; Truking’s manufacturing process is also open, I have not seen any “restricted area” in Truking as well.


TRUKING: So, as the first one to give us Freeze-Dryer order this year, you do have confidence about our corporation?


Mr.Singh: Absolutely! According to the investigation, we have strengthened the confidence on choosing TRUKING as our strategic partners! If the corporation goes well, we are going to purchasea a Vial compact line soon.