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TRUKING ·Middle East & North Africa

release time:2014-12-31

“ After more than 1 year efforts on market development,we already have established stable and long term relationship with a lot of pharmaceutical factories in the Middle East, such as Turkey, Iran, U.A.E, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia. ”Said by Martin Yuan,the Director of The Middle East and Africa market. Recently, TRUKING has already completed the strategy arrangement and the breakthrough in the Middle East and North Africa.


Mr.Yuan mentioned that TRUKING has won the leading advantage in these market comparing with other Chinese competitors, especially in Egypt, our sales team tried their best on marketing development. Within half a year,we established close relationship with the TOP 10 pharmaceutical factories,and held the technical seminar and products recommendation in Egypt. And we have successfully covered the Egypt market with our main products such as ampoule compact line, vial compact line and lyophilizer.


The market share of TRUKING is more than the total amount of other competitors in past 5 years. Now, TRUKING has won the best position in the market.


Besides, TRUKING has won the good market feedback and brand influence in Bangladesh and Pakistan.Now , TRUKING is the most important and main supplier of liquid compact line in these countries.