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News of victory for Truking lyophilizer in South America

release time:2014-12-31

Medicamentos Naturales from Mexico has signed another contract for 30m² Lyophilizer on 29th, August, 2014, which representing that the Lyo from Truking has been increasing its market share gradually in America area, especially in South America.


The LyoTK series and LoyTK Lab series vacuum freeze dryer machinery from Truking is designed for high-efficiency and economic lyophilization. During our designing,we have concerned about its production’s maximum security condition and its producing range which could be able to handle of the high value of lyophilization productions. Meanwhile, Truking has also considered about the safety of operators and their operation condition, which is 100% complied with new GMP standard, EU cGMP standard. USFDA,WHO,and a lot of more like these regulations.


According to the sources, Medicamentos Naturales from Mexico was very satisfied with the first Lyophilizer they initially purchased from Truking. Today, they purchased another 30m² Lyophilizer from Truking  because they would like to speed up their factory development and project process. “We will soon have much more Lyo projects in the future,and we will build the largest Lyo factory in the Latin America.”the person in charge from this company told us so.