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Truking Shinning in PDA Seminar India

release time:2014-12-31

11-12 Dec, 2015, PDA(Parental Drug Association)India branch hold a seminar of vision inspection workshop in Banglore.With the passing of Mumbai CPHI/P-MEC on 5th Dec,Truking as a sponsor of this seminar, forwarding with great momentum and gathering enormous attention,  are highly praised by every attended company.


The author saw that the Indian pharmaceutical industry conference attracted many well-known enterprises to participate, the hotel ballroom of Taj in Bangalore where the seminar is held can accommodate more than 200 people. Truking Technology Intelligent detection technology development chief engineer Ms. Li Shu Jie made a speech with title of "Development and application of machine vision technology". She combined her years of experiences in the industry and specific cases, survey data, from macro to micro, comprehensive analysis of a series of elaborate common key issues such as how the automatic light inspection equipment for automatic light inspection equipment for quality control, and how to verify; and she also take Intelligent light inspection system on the automatic light inspection machine and machine vision applications for vial filling and sealing machine.


Very soon after seminar, there are a lot of customers went to Ms. Li Shu Jie, and consulting machine vision technology, performance and other information of Truking. They mentioned that in the future their company would be able to organize seminars for inspection system, "Hope you can provide us further technical support."Mr. Anjay said from Pune.