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TRUKING Products Successfully Launched Columbia Market

release time:2015-09-30

After three battles in South America, TRUKING products successfully launched Mexico, Argentina and Peru. TRUKING products have won good impression from customer and recognition from market with high quality and high cost performance, and many customers from South America come to buy TRUKING products. Recently, TRUKING has signed a contract with Columbia customer PHARMAYECT for a vial compact line and two lyophilizers. This contract means TRUKING has successfully entered Columbia market and further expanded South America market.


In 2013, when Columbia customer PHARMAYECT initially started this project, their project director Mr. Molina and production director Mr. Tovar came to TRUKING for evaluation visit. And they also visited other vendors who supply similar equipments. During the visit in TRUKING, Mr. Molina was extremely careful about every detail, and they focused most attention on processing workshop and assembling workshop. The quality control, strength and scale of TRUKING make customer very satisfied. Mr. Molina said:” It is incredible that China has such a good company. And their equipment quality can fully reach Europe Level.” In order to have a comprehensive impression, customer has recorded many working details during their visit, and showing their thumb frequently to express their appreciation.


In past two years time, when customer constructing the workshop, they also kept close contact with TRUKING.. Our company not only answered all of their doubts about equipments in details, we also gave a lot of guidance to them on workshop construction and designing. Customers are deeply moved by our dedicated working attitude. Finally, the contact for a vial compact line and two lyophilizers are signed recently, which means TRUKING makes another step forward to South Amercia market.