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KSLX Series Cartridge Compact Line

Main application

This line is composed of DQCL series vertical ultrasonic washing machine, KSZ series sterilizing & drying tunnel, KSGF series cartridge filling & sealing machine. Each machine can run independently, or to be connected as a compact line. It can finish processing procedures such as: water spraying, ultrasonic washing, clamping cartridges by manipulator, water flushing(internal and external), air flushing(internal and external), silicone oil sprinking (internal), pre-heating, drying & sterilizing, depyrogenation, cooling, clamping with clamping insert, stopper collating, bottom plug adding, first filling, second filling, residual liquor suction by vacuum pump, cap collating, capping, unqualified bottles rejection and etc. It is mainly used for production of cartridge bottle in pharmaceutical factories.


Vertical ultrasonic washing machine adopts ultrasonic washing and separate alternant jetting water, airflow and silicone oil. It is the most popular washing equipment with highest clarity in the world. In whole washing process, four washing mediums adopt independent needles, each group of needles only flush one washing medium, which avoids cross contamination.


Sterilizing & drying tunnel adopts the principle of laminar flow and hot air high temperature sterilization process, which can make containers finishing aseptic production from pre-heating, drying, sterilizing to cooling. It is the most popular sterilizing & drying equipment with best sterilizing effect. It has good heat distribution and depyrogenation effect.  


Cartridge filling & sealing machine adopts the following advanced technology: bottle vibration infeed, starwheel conveying , fiber photoelectric detecting, clamping with clamping block, bottom plugging, two times of filling, residual liquor suction by vacuum pump, capping, unqualified bottles rejection and etc. It has characteristics of high automation, high centering precision, high pass rate of bottom stopper plugging, filling and sealing.


It adopts PLC control with HMI operation, which can control the whole line running or independent machine. It ensures normal running of the compact line with high automation, less operator and low labor intensity.

Main technical parameter