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SRD Series Non-PVC Soft Bag Infusion Compact Line

Main application

This non-PVC soft bag compact line consists of three main parts: forming, filling and sealing. It can finish procedures such as film infeeding, printing, port ordering, port preheating, film separating, bag forming, port welding, outline cutting, bag transferring, filling, heat sealing, filled bag outfeed etc. It can also be connected with auxiliary equipments as a whole soft bag package compact line, such as port infeed machine, combination cover infeed machine, soft bag transferring machine, sterilization cabinet, leakage inspection machine, light inspection machine, package machine and etc. It is suitable for 50ml—3000ml infusion soft bag production in pharmaceutical factories. In order to meet different requirements of customer at home and abroad, Truking bold to innovate and have invented several series of soft bag compact line with our own intellectual property, such as: SRD series, SRSD series (double hard tube soft bag), SRD/SD series (multi chamber soft bag)


This line adopts linear layout, humanizing appearance structure, and its base adopts overall table design which is convenient for operation, maintenance and cleaning. Bag forming and filling adopt one synchronous belt to convey, no intermediate links. It has simple structure, avoids bag transfer problem, reduces risk of insoluble particle contamination and influence to LAF system, avoids second contamination, and meets GMP requirement.


It has broad range of applicability, suitable for 50ml—3000ml infusion soft bag production but has few size parts which are easy to change.


It adopts the advanced PID temperature control that ensures the quality of bag sealing, and suits different brands of domestic and overseas packaging material.


It adopts no medium wasting outline structure design, which can realize 100% film usage that minimizes production costs.


It adopts float joint to connect printing air cylinder, bag forming cylinder, and other parts, which makes the air cylinder life longer, and ensures long running stability.


Forming mould adopts special high quality material, and adopts special heat treatment and surface coating process, which can make mould temperature more uniform and guarantee bag forming quality, The service life of mould is longer than other similar product.


It adopts mass flowmeter, high sensitivity aseptic valve and high speed PLC control to realize filling. It has advanced filling method and accurate measurement and also has function of no-bag-no-filling and waste-bag-no-filling. CIP and SIP is easy to be realized on this line.



One to one port preheating and welding technology is applicable to ports from different manufacturers that ensure welding quality. It can control the leakage rate into PPM.


Most of the parts on the machine adopts servo control technology, it meet requirement of high speed and high precision. The servo motor drives filling head, cap sealing head and heating board directly, no need linear driver from the synchronous belt. It has simple structure and almost no need maintenance.


The communication method uses onsite profibus, optical cable transferring, combined with pneumatic box, servo system, and PLC & HMI control. All running parameters can be saved as a recipe for future use. High automatic system ensures its normal running, and with high technology and reliable performance. The auxiliary remote control technology quickly realizes software update and maintenance.


This line has following characteristics: tight structure, small purification area, high production ability, good stability, very few easily wearing parts, and its maintenance cost is the lowest comparing to similar product.


Main technical parameter