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SLX Series Glass Infusion Bottle Compact line

Main application

This line consists of several independent machines such as SLP1200 bottle orienting machine, SWX5 exterior washing machine, SQC44/SQC30 ultrasonic washing machine,SQL28/21 vertical washing machine, SGS(F)2016 with gravity rotation filling & stoppering machine or SGSC2020(1212)  gravity rotation filling & stoppering machine with vacuum and nitrogen charging ,SZG16(12)(8) capping machine,UDJ-16(12,10) light inspection machine, DZT500C(B,A) labeling machine etc. Each machine can function independently, or can be jointed as a compact line. It can automatically finish procedures such as bottle orienting, exterior washing, ultrasonic washing, water flushing, circulation water flushing, purified water flushing, WFI flushing, filling(Nitrogen charging), stopper orienting, stopper pressing, cap orienting, cap feeding, pre-capping, capping, lamp checking, printing, labeling and etc. It is mainly used for large volume bottle infusion production in pharmaceutical factories.


Connecting in series with clear structure and fine appearance. Washing, filling and sealing run continuously. It is separated in different cleaning level areas, bottle conveying machine doesn’t enter different areas. There is no cross-contamination, has good applicability, it can be used for production of all kinds of 50-500ml glass bottles. Few size parts need to be changed when replacing specification.


Washing machine adopts domestic new initiative vertical structure, without cross contamination. It is easy to change size part, and have good washing effects. Needles are inserted into bottles to flush, which has good flushing effect and high clarity.


It adopts constant pressure self-flowing diaphragm valve type filling. It controls filling volume through setting filling time, which has high automation degree and filling precision, and can realize no-bottle-no-filling and CIP/SIP function.


It adopts patent technology of capping knives on neighboring capping heads interleaving each other, which highly reduces distance between capping heads and involution radius of capping heads, slows down line speed of bottles, to improve stability and reliability of the machine.


It adopts advanced PLC technology, human touch screen operating system, guarantees normal running of machine. It has high automation degree, few operators and low labor intensity.

Main technical parameter